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    myrony: (my+irony)

    the crazy coincidences that happen in life that you can't explain. 

    It's also another word for sign/synchronicity.

    However myrony has it's own definition where it is synchronicity in motion. 

    We may see a sign but then there is an action we can take when we trust our inner knowing.  



    Pulled to the side of the road to help

    someone with a flat tire because I felt I needed to & have been best friends since!!


    coincidence, serendipity, sign, synchronicity


    So when a coincidence occurs that you can't explain...
    "That's Myrony"

    Now that you know the word, we are

    asking you to be part of the movement to share myronies in addition

    to selfies on social media

    & add
    #thatsmyrony #isntthatmyronic #myronistic


    Also if you think your myrony is CRAZY enough to be on the podcast let us know because we would LOVE to have you as a guest!! 

    Reach out to us at


    through any of our social media links below

    if you have an incredible

    (better yet unbelievable)

    myrony because

    we want to hear

    all about it!!


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